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    Alexander what you're are doing is absolutely ideal!  It gives the patient a true hand in the development of their new smile.  The approach that I depicted, I use when I need to finish a case within a more limited time frame. ------------------------------ ...

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    Hi Brett, What a beautiful result when the communication is carried out to reflect the patient's specific desires.  One of the biggest challenges when the technician is not local is that we have to effectively relay the patient's feed back. Digital mock ...

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    Much has been written about use of Dx wax-up as well as digital design for purposes of communication with your ceramist for restoration design.  Most of the time the patients that we see are not ideal for an accreditation case, but we still want a result ...

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    The Academy has just concluded another round of case submissions, clinical exams, and oral exams. It's very satisfying to know that the accreditation process is alive and well....even with the disruptions and challenges we have all faced this year. We ...

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    Greg Thanks for making the post, what an excellent solution and great result! I liked what you said about maturing in your practice of dentistry and as a result you have become more conservative. That's exactly why I posed the question, I feel the same ...


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