Dr. Khalil Saghezchi, DDS, AAACD

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my name is khalil Saghezchi before I go to dental school I graduated from engineering school but my passion in medical and dental made me with two young boy and wife to go back to school and follow my passion and start dental school after graduating from UOP school of  dentistry in San Francisco immediately I opened my own practice from scratch from that day until present I  am practicing general and cosmetic dentistry softer few years  I joined AACD in 1992  this was the turning point in my dental work and in my practice
from the first meeting I attended in palm spring I decided I have to go in process of accreditation what an amusing decision my practice and the way I start practice completely changed it was amazing learning experience first time I did not pass but I was dedicated no matter what I have to be accredited member after that my practiced changed every local magazine my name published I selected one of the top doc in Bay Area (Santa Clara county ofCA) I published few article in journal of AACD in 204 I published immediate implant immediate loading after single extraction which at time was not accepted I start to lecture in most university of middleeast and became adjunct professor in UOP and  practiced with confidence cosmetic dentistry for the last several decadent transferred thousand of patient smiles so I recommended aacd to every dentist I new because I believe academy of cosmetic dentistry changed the dentistry from extraction and filling to new way of practice conservative dentistry